Our Story, Our Brand

Born and raised under the bright and colorful neon lights of Las Vegas, Mike Biggs has been a lifetime student of the visual arts whose creative streak has only grown larger and more aggressive with age so that at this point he’s evolved into a being of pure creativity with a “normal” streak. He has melded his love of the spooky monsters that go bump in the night with a vintage feel that has permeated all of his past artistic lives as a fine artist, a freelance graphic design artist, and then a 13 year stint as a tattoo artist. These experiences and skill sets have all converged into this latest venture that has culminated in Biggs Tiki.

With designs inspired by decades of marinating his brain in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, low brow humor, and nerd culture, Biggs’ concoctions bring an epically unique twist to the Tiki mug game. Coming at you from his contorted mind to your table, these are collectible oddities you can’t take your eyes off, but can definitely wrap your lips around!